Extension Springs

Extension Springs

Extension Springs are Helical Springs designed to store Energy and resist Pulling Force. The Spring used on a Screen Door is good example of the most common Extension Spring.

Extension Springs must have a means for attaching them to components in your device or assembly. Ends can be Loops, Hooks, Threaded Inserts or Swivels. The end configurations on Extension Springs are unlimited but always perform the same basic function. Position of ends can be random or can be designed with specific orientation to each other and to the Extension Spring body. Stress present on Loops can be higher than those on Extension Spring body.

Extension Springs are most commonly formed with a Closed Coil configuration, where each coil is in contact with the adjacent coil.

Applications :
Extension Springs are used in Automotive Interiors and Exteriors, Garage Door Assemblies, Carburetors, Washing Devices, Toys, etc.

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